5 Reasons Why Danfe Hosting Company is Best for You in Nepal

5 Reasons Why We are Good Web Hosting Company in Nepal

Web hosting is a process whereby a service provider allows any organization post web page or website on the internet. Generally, web host or any web hosting provider is a business that gives the necessary technologies needed for any website or web pages to be viewed for the maximum time on the internet. Such websites that host companies represent are stored on special computers named servers.

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Generally, it is very costly for a business to operate their web servers on their own. Installing servers increases IT support costs and internet services cost. So, in order to avoid that cost and lower the work pressure, many small as well as big companies usually host their websites and provides this job to web hosting companies. However, it is very overwhelming for any business to select a good service provider which gives necessary services to the company.

There are few features that you must look for in the web hosting companies before you make the deal. In order to make your job less overwhelming, we have come up with 5 features that a web hosting companies must possess.

5 Reasons Why Danfe Hosting Company is Best for You in Nepal

1. Enough Backup

While selecting a good web host companies, you have to make sure the company has enough backup services to provide. It’s likely to lose all the data from websites because of bugs, hackers or hard drive failure. In order to avoid this, web host companies should back up files every 24 hours or even twice a day. Backups are very important when users form data online in spite of uploading the content from a hard disk.

2. Excess storage

When selecting the web host company for your organization, you must concern about the data you need to store and the web host company’s storage capacity. While some host companies give Unlimited Storage, some might not give. Make sure what you want, how many storages you want and select the company based on that storage limit.

3. Excellent customer service

The Internet hardly sleeps. So, it is very important for the web hosters to give brilliant customer services for all their clients. Always look out for hosts that provide 24-hour support all week. Also, select those companies that also supplies toll-free number and other contact methods so that you can contact them whenever you need. Since you are responsible for your business, don’t hesitate to ask few questions to the company regarding their services schemes.

4. Uninterrupted power supply.

Any problems because of the interrupted power supply from the part of service provider leads to downtime for clients. Web hosts mush compensate their customers for the significant time of downtime. Always remember that ninety-nine percentage uptime allows for up to hundred minutes of downtime each week. Good hosts provided 99.9999 percentage of uptime. So, make sure to know the uptime that your service provider gives.

5. We are Earning Good reputation in the market

At last, but not the least, the reputation of the web service provider should be considered when choosing a service provider. If the company has the top reputation, it generally means it provides good customer service and goes through little downtime. Companies’ reputation can be known via online forum as well

Thus, select the best plan of our offers that have all the features mentioned above. and we are giving all the above services or facilities to you.

5 Reasons Why Danfe Hosting Company is Best for You in Nepal

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