How to Register .com .np Free Domain in Nepal

How to register for free in Nepal?

With the objective to uplift the E-commerce and e-Business situation in Nepal, Nepal government has been providing free Domain to the citizens of Nepal. With this, all of your internet shabby people can create and use own website and make the most out of it. If you are the first time user and want to know more about the domain, websites and how to create one, you are in right place. We have come up with step by step process to obtain or register a domain in Nepal.

How to register domain for free in Nepal

domain for free in Nepal

Introduction to the terms


A website can be called a collection of web pages that includes multimedia content and is identified by a domain name. The website is usually published on the web server. It is accessed via internet, Local area network (LAN) or via other URLs that can identify the site easily. A website can be of various types; personal website, the government website or other non-profit organization’s website.

Domain Name

Domain names are the names that identify one or more than one IP addresses. Just like every country has code numbers, in a similar way, the domain name gives every server easy to spell address. some examples of the domain name are

  1. .com
  2. .edu
  3. .org
  4. .biz
  5. .info

In Nepal, the country code for all the websites related to Nepal is .com.cp. these domains are used by businesses, company or by corporations.

Process for registering domain name for free in Nepal

Requirements for registering domain name for free in Nepal

The required documents to get this domain name are:

1. Nepali Citizenship card if you are a Nepalese.

2. In case you are a foreigner, you must possess Nepali Passport.

For request

1. The application letter should be sent to the mercantile Communication private Limited.

2. A photocopy of candidate’s citizenship card should be dropped to the Hostmaster.

3. Online form should be clearly and legitimately filled.

4. Remember that the Domain name must be selected based only on candidate’s name as in Citizenship.

Step by Step process

1. Open where you can open or create new account or blog. Choose sub domain name for that blog.

registering domain name for free in Nepal

free domain in Nepal

2. Secondly, open Mercantile Nepal’s website to register the domain. Open and chose the desired domain name.

registering domain name for free in Nepal

free domain in Nepal

3. You will get a mail from the service provider after you register on the abovementioned website. Click on the given link in the mail where you have to provide your names and strong password. Hence, your domain is registered partially.

registering domain name for free in Nepal

free domain in Nepal

4. Log in to your account and fill up the form. Also, upload your scanned citizenship in the upload section and fill up the domain name.

5. After you finish, log on to your account again and check the approval.

registering domain name for free in Nepal

free domain in Nepal

6. Now almost 95 percentage task is completed. All you need is to send a written application to mercantile office by mail or by fax. You can email to

7. Wait for a couple of days while they review your application. As they approve, they will forward you a mail stating the success of domain registration.

In this way, you can register for free in Nepal.

How to Register .com .np Free Domain in Nepal

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