Why WordPress is the Best CMS (Blogging Platform) for Nepali Bloggers

Why is hosting needed for WordPress?

Use of the internet is expanding widely and anyone can use this platform to share views, thoughts. By blogging one can reach to the world and express their views. If you are a writer, politician, or even a student, you can share your works via the internet. But, if you are new to the internet world, however, would like to own a website, then you can do this easily through WordPress. WordPress is known as the open-source website creation tool which is online. It is probably one of the easiest and powerful content management system (or CMS) and blogging in use today.

Who needs or uses WordPress?

Today, WordPress has become one of the major tools to reach to the world via the internet. Many famous new outlets, blogs, fortune 500 companies and even celebrities use WordPress to reach to the world and share their views, thoughts, and ideas. For example, the CNN’s blogs, the New York Time’s blog all use WordPress. Our another blog http://imnepal.com is also using wordpress cms.

Why WordPress Hosting?

During research, you might come up with questions like -What is WordPress Hosting? Does WordPress really need hosting? If you have already come up with such questions, then you are in right place. In this article, we give you answer to the questions. We will give pros of WordPress Hosting.

Why WordPress is the Best CMS (Blogging Platform) for Nepali Bloggers

Why WordPress is the Best CMS (Blogging Platform) for Nepali Bloggers

Why WordPress is the Best CMS (Blogging Platform) for Nepali Bloggers

1. Blazing fast:

The hosts for WordPress are configured especially only for WordPress. They are lightning fast even while the website is in lots of traffic. Managed WordPress through hosting gives you lightning fast website.

2. Security:

Security is the most important reason for WordPress to be Hosted by hosting companies. You can get hacker-proof website once your website is managed with Hosting provider. These hosts have very good security that scans all malware.

3. Support:

If you are new to managing websites, the managed host companies can give you knowledge and advice you. Their knowledgeable experts provide expert support for managing the WordPress.

4 Regular Backups:

Hosts create backups regularly and even offer the restore points in case you want to revert.

5. No Downtime:

By hosting your WordPress, you get less downtime. You would not have to worry about the traffic as long as you are hosting your website. By hosting, your website would never go down. So, hosting WordPress is really an important step in managing your website.

6. Automatic Updates:

The hosting companies provide you automatic update options. By hosting, you would not have to worry about the updates as they are done automatically once you use Web Hosting companies.

When to use WordPress Hosting?

Mostly, if you are a small blogger who is in starting phase, you might like to start with regular WordPress hosting. However, if you own any small business and have very high traffic websites, then you need to get WordPress Hosting as they give you security and less downtime.

All in all, if you want hassle free, lightning fast and amazing support, then you must have managed WordPress. If you own a website for a company, then you need not bother paying extra bucks for excellent service that web Hosting companies provide.

Reasons Why WordPress is the Best CMS (Blogging Platform) for Nepali Bloggers

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